Wherein the surname “Wiener”becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy


I’ll admit.  It makes me curious.  I see the dude on the left–nothing special–and I hear he’s jumping back into public life with new penis pics after the first ones a few years ago and the humiliation of his then-pregnant wife, and it makes me wonder what he’s got going on down there.  Because, if you’re a politician texting pics of your penis and don’t want to crawl under a rock and die when you’re discovered, it kind of makes me curious about what kind of penis you’ve got.

Because outside of all the penis/weiner/dick jokes, it bothers me to think that he’s probably been texting pics of his best and only asset, and–as such–a mayoral run is totally insulting. Since having a photogenic penis shouldn’t be your only qualification for running New York City.

Plus, if he won–if he managed to lower the bar to the level where texting pics of your penis to random ladies was no longer utterly humiliating–then I cringe at how fast politicians everywhere would be sharing pics of their junk with the world.

And how fast we’d all decide that it was their best and only asset.

Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon; Venus in Scorpio. I think that just about covers it.

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