Shut your freaking mouth



Young women today “Live in a Kartrashian world”?!  Really?!  Says the woman with the screen name “iluvamerica”?   (Why?  Why not just spell it right?!  “ILoveAmerica”.
Because there’s almost nothing more anti-Kardashian than purposefully misspelling words to be all cutesy and phonetic?  Do you do that in case you forget how to read, or is this some Internet image you’re trying to cultivate; maybe to attract boys?  Because it has left me RIVETED to my computer screen as you educate Jeanne Tomlin about just how misinformed and deluded she is about her own life.  Please “iluvamerica” tell me more about how she has no ability to think for herself.)

Oh. My. God.

Shut up.  Just shut the fuck up.

I’m a 47 year old single parent and mother of a millennial daughter and one near-millennial (born yr. 2000) and I’m disgusted at the ugly bullshit being thrown at them from women who act as if they themselves initiated the suffragette movement in the back room of their daddy’s corner store.

You’re Baby Boomers, not Sojourner Truth or Elizabeth Cady Stanton so get the fuck over yourselves.

Because it is disgusting that you are turning against your own.  You are belittling and demeaning and condescending an entire generation of young women with your comments “we fought so hard so that our daughters wouldn’t have to…but that fight seems lost on many of them” and I’m “so sick of you whinny [she misspelled it, not me] young girls.  You would never have made it through the battles she [Gloria Steinem] fought. You aren’t worthy of her fight” and insulting the very same people that you apparently fought so fucking hard for.

[These are real quotes from Facebook; in the interest of brevity and time, I left out the ones calling our young women “vapid” and entitled, and calling me, who they assumed to be of a younger generation, “ignorant” and “foolish.”]

Why?   Why would you turn against your own?

I get that you are insulated from the next generation of young women—that much is obvious—and that you don’t understand their experience and are judging what is happening from the nice little island of “I know exactly how everyone else should live their lives” but don’t go on freaking TV and the internet and double-down on your bullshit that is making the next generation feel isolated from you.  Don’t do it.

Because saying stupid shit like young women support Bernie because “That’s where the boys are” is like admitting that you are totally clueless and all the things you’ve fought for are now in question.  Because things have changed, and you’re far too quick to assume that young women even want dudes (I assume you’ve heard of same-sex attraction?) let alone that they’d need a political rally to drum one up; because, holy shit, if you’re young and solely supporting Bernie because you want to attract boys then YOU ARE DOING “YOUTH” WAY, WAY WRONG!  Tinder, people.  Tinder!

And who are fucking you to say that your historical woes are more important.  You got to exist before 9-11.  You got to exist before the Great Recession.  You got to exist at the point that the American Dream actually amounted to something.

You didn’t have to watch as the stress overwhelmed your family.

Or as your family home was foreclosed upon.

As you had to get a job to help your mom pay the rent.

At which point you yourself lose all hope, and attempt suicide because it’s all been uphill for so long, and no one talks to each other anymore because they’re too busy working three jobs.



BECAUSE THE MILLENNIALS HAVE SEEN SOME UGLY SHIT IN THEIR LIVES, and you are not helping the cause you claim to love by shaming our next generation.

Millennials are survivors and they don’t need your shit.  They don’t even need me to write this.

Because they believe in themselves and the capabilities of their gender–courtesy of YOU who are now freaking the fuck out at them– but are already world-weary enough to understand that having a woman president isn’t the pinnacle of feminism; they understand (even if you’ve forgotten) that the pinnacle of feminism is being able to confidently state your own opinion and feel it’s inherent value in our collective human experience.  For, without that, who gives a shit if we have a female president.

So YOU, my dear women, have done your job well.  Because these y0ung women didn’t grow up in a petri dish:  WE raised them.  And holy shit:  look at them go!  They’re already so fucking amazing.

So let’s congratulate ourselves, and get the hell out of the way because they’re about to show us all what true feminism is.







Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon; Venus in Scorpio. I think that just about covers it.

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