One person’s “ridiculous” is another person’s coping skill

Just read an article on Slate where the author added snarky captions to pictures of last night’s crying Bernie delegates, some of whom looked so young that they certainly have never known a day without the struggles brought on by daily gun violence, 9/11, and the great recession.

I’m glad this is over. I’ve been mocked, called names and chastised for being a Bernie supporter, and it’s been depressingly-illuminating to witness how quickly people are willing to leap into the lowest common denominator of human behavior simply because they want even a brief, fleeting moment of personal superiority. Even as Orange ClownTown was mocking the disabled, Hillary supporters have called me delusional, ignorant, vapid, irrational, entitled, and—a personal favorite—“privileged,” (as if dragging myself up from not being able to afford food for my kids into being thankful I’m working 16 hours a day makes me the poster girl for the American Dream) and it has become apparent that there is a desperation in our society, spanning classes and political parties, which is indicative of the duress our nation is and has been under. We are all clawing for the little slice of the pie that has been allotted to us, and the internet has allowed us to connect with like minds and say our piece without having to witness the vulnerabilities of the human being who reads them. For what is “Ridiculous” to some people, Sarah Silverman, is all other people have to hang on to.

I won’t vote for Hillary Clinton–but it doesn’t matter because electorally Utah is never blue; I only had this one chance with Bernie to make my vote for president count—because in so doing I would consent to the DNC installation of a candidate into office, which is a slippery slope we’re already at the bottom of. When the next government is put into place by the current government, it’s safe to say that America can start shitting its pants, and when fear of President Trump prevents some very smart people from atoning for actions even they admit are corrupt, the house of cards crumbles to the point that we become dead inside and not even Michelle Obama can save the party (well, maybe she could…too bad she’s not running).

Anyways, please be gentle with Bernie supporters. Don’t mock them. Don’t make fun of them crying. That’s not the society we want. I do understand that some of them can be pretty obnoxious but, as they see it, they’re trying to save democracy (and our planet) from a self-destruct button that’s already been pushed, and—whether you agree with them or not—we need people like that to keep the hope and the passion alive, and the deadness at bay.

Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon; Venus in Scorpio. I think that just about covers it.

3 thoughts on “One person’s “ridiculous” is another person’s coping skill

  1. I could not agree with this any more than I already do. Silverman’s chiding shout to be quiet, caused a cognitive dissonance that is difficult to reconcile. I wrote a post 7/26 on another site that is saying essentially the same.
    We’re not babies, children shooting spit wads in a classroom or jailhouse denizens stepping out of the lunch line.
    To those who have assumed that only those ignorant in the ways of politics, those who are too young to know better, those who haven’t any idea why pragmatism is being elevated to a level that obscures the passion necessary to keep this country afloat in the ideals that bring equality to one and all…to those people I say please come help blow out the 65 candles on my birthday cake next month and then tell me after a lifetime of participation in Democracy that I’m too young to know what I’m talking about.

      • You’re welcome. Good to see you’re cranking it out. I’ll look back once in awhile. I need to catch up with my e-mail as well…

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