Homeless Guy

he cuts the corner of the crosswalk,
almost passing from view,
survival instinct retrofitted in “you do what you gotta do”
the sun slaps his face,
even Nature his enemy,
head drooping down
into puddles of dignity,
hoping there’s truth in “what doesn’t kill you makes you strong”
living life with the indifference that feeling invisible prolongs,
bathing each day in a nations hostility,
(like a strangers’ bird finger at the side of that freeway),*
banned from existing by “American Dream’s” hypocrisy,
those down on their luck marring a societies “integrity,”
melting him down to self-loathing and vulnerability,
a terrorized soul now a poisonous new devilry,
chemical confections becoming a heartbreak’s remedy,
destruction of self triumph’s
a judgmental world’s complacency.
*my kind friend Chris is experimenting with wanderlust and a transient life and has had people drive by and flip him off.  This post isn’t about Chris though–it was another guy in Salt Lake City, of which there
are plenty because it’s crisis proportions–but I assume that what happened to Chris is not unique to him and that homeless citizens all over America have similar experiences as Chris at times.

Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon; Venus in Scorpio. I think that just about covers it.

2 thoughts on “Homeless Guy

  1. The city I live in on the west coast has become a mecca of sorts, absent the religious connotation, for self styled “travelers”. Popular biking and hiking trails on the outskirts of town, generally wandering through lower-income areas have born the brunt of the tent cities which have developed. The mayor has allowed camping on city sidewalks now for months. Protestations however from citizens fearful of using the trails has resulted in “sweeps” with those moved on now congregating in significant clusters on parking strips and designer parks in the most affluent areas.
    While it is common to hear of and see the disdain for the homeless, far more regularly than it is to read or hear of actual solutions, the levels of power sought by those caught in the throes of this endless spiral are interesting as well. Classism abounds in even these communities, with certain persons cast even further aside.

    I have come to the conclusion it is because they all started out as humans for which the prognosis as an admirable species seems to be diminishing to a terminal state.

    • Welcome back, aka! As you can see, I’ve been consumed with a whole lot of nothing. Or maybe it’s just a whole lot of too much something that it feels like nothing. Just a lot of random musings and overthinking. Hope you had a great trip.

      The situation with people who don’t have the support or resources to live in homes must be worsening everywhere then; it’s obvious in our city especially in warm weather; people with backpacks and cardboard signs everywhere. I saw a lady panhandling with her child in a stroller next to her. Then other day, I saw an eviction (I believe that’s what it was) which left two women dragging their bags and a futon mattress across the street from where they were getting booted from (which looked boarded up anyways) and settling in underneath a young trees planted in a 15×15 bit of perfect lawn in front of the beautiful gated multi-story condos building I was doing a sit in. Setting up their mattress (including sheet) and their bags all around it, then–after talking to a friend for a minute who then left–laid down and looked to be snuggling. I saw it all happening, and as I passed by when I left, I could still see that they had a plastic soft drink container with them and that it still had ice in it. An eviction and new “home” amid the heat of summer in enough time that the ice hadn’t even melted.

      What the hell has happened to this country?

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