Climate change deniers: pulling your head out of your butt will also improve the oxygen getting to your brain


In May, Isle de Jean Charles (Louisiana) residents became the first American climate change “refugees”, resettled in advance of a crisis event with the help of 48 million American tax dollars. Today, due to flooding (an event NOAA predicted years ago would worsen in LA due to climate change), 20,000 Louisiana residents have been rescued from their homes, 10,000 are in shelters, 6 people are dead, cars are left on roadways and buried under water, homes and businesses are destroyed, and taxpayer-funded Federal emergency aid has been granted (an estimate of cost not yet available but is estimated to EXCEED the $1.5 billion for the floods Louisiana had this March).

If you want to believe that climate change research isn’t “proven” (in quotes because, in science, NOTHING is really ever “proven”; research either supports or does not support certain hypotheses) or that it isn’t human-caused, that’s fine. Please don’t. But you cannot deny that human behavior–emissions from vehicles, focusing on traditional energy sources and fuels–certainly isn’t helping, and we don’t need a definitive cause stamp on environmental calamity to see that it’s happening, and that if there’s something that we can do NOW to prevent further damage, that we should be doing it.

Because don’t delude yourself: One way or another, you WILL be paying for it.

And by swallowing the “total bullshit” pill being pushed by climate-change-denying political figures and talking heads, you’re saving yourself nothing except the opportunity to make the businesses and corporations causing the majority of problem pitch in to pay and be responsible for the damage they’ve caused.

Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon; Venus in Scorpio. I think that just about covers it.

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