The end of the growing darkness

Pic of Kora (a dog I sit for) a few months ago, as she watched the night descend on her Autumn yard.

I’m a “seasonal affective disorder” kind of gal so Autumn is always hard for me. The days get noticeably shorter and, here in Utah, things visibly prepare for a harsher reality. It’s all about to get very real.

So on Winter Solstice, even in the middle of cold and snow, I celebrate, for the end of the growing darkness giving way to more light each day is like being wakened to a mesmerizingly-slow dawn, where you know the sun will be coming and that the things that you thought were dead will again rise up from the ground to meet you. And my moroseness during Autumn is an appropriate sacrifice in order to honor our beautiful planet.

Because there is darkness and death but there will also be cleansing and Spring, for “the darkest day of the year” is actually just another way of saying “its never going to get any more dark than it is today,” and within every single day now, I will be blessed to bear witness to our shift towards the sun.

So, praise the universe for our earth; praise the earth for her seasons; praise the Fall that I can truly appreciate this day.

Our movement towards light has begun.

May all reading this find peace for their benevolent heart.

One thought on “The end of the growing darkness

  1. Being locked in place for several days by ice and hills made it a tad difficult to feel jubilant but I do understand the sentiment.
    The best to you in 2018…

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