Shouting from a passing car

[A morning moment today; posted to IG @amythesitter and my FB, just in case you also follow/are friends and like all of us, don’t have the spare time to read the same thing twice]

I’m all the way down near West High School walking Kora, and passing by in a car driving quickly in the opposite direction—with a row of parked cars in between she and I; the fairly-wide street separating us to where I had to look fast in order to see her—was a backseat passenger who had rolled down her window in order that she could reach me in time—voice raised for clarity of message; head partially out the window: “I love your dog!”

And my kid does this kind of stuff so I get the heart it comes from because, no, Kora isn’t “my” dog but that didn’t detract from her message, for separate from the ego boost of someone liking our dog is a generosity of gesture and when she rolled down the window on this cold day as she passed by me, she unconditionally offered the possibility of making a strangers day better.

It wasn’t until I walked the half more block to Kora’s house— having called back to her in my loudest voice “Thank you!!!”— and we went up the steps and I snapped a quick picture, however, that I could feel the deeper meaning behind the gesture, for in front of Kora’s house, on the ground, offering an overused but archetypically-transformative message was one word that bared to me what that young lady had just metaphorically laid at my feet. She’d said, “Welcome, Stranger!” “You’re Welcome here, and thank you for being part of my world.”

(And in return, I offer her my gratitude and the awareness that I’m a better person for having briefly been part of her kindness).

Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon; Venus in Scorpio. I think that just about covers it.

2 thoughts on “Shouting from a passing car

  1. It’s the little bits here and there that make up the whole of our experience.
    That can be easy to miss when life is lived at full throttle.
    Why not shout at a stranger that you love their dog?

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