I just watched a video from my Instagram “posts you might like” which was four minutes of some blue eyed, 30 year old lifestyle hustler detailing the necessity of dermaplaning every six weeks with spot touchups done at home with special razors to prevent you from the scandal of baby fine facial hairs you can’t even see but that have infiltrated your face. And I watched to the very end because I thought it was satire and when I realized it wasn’t was kind of disappointed until I sat inside my middle-aged face, sense of humor and 50 year lifetime arc to come to see that even for a 30-year-old lifestyle blogger rich in youth and money, not-intending-it-as-satire someday it still will be. [p.s., My appointment is Monday ;)] And that screenshot of her is with the special razor you can buy on Amazon. I didn’t purposely take a screenshot trying to make her look so weird but I guess to that I’ll just say to her: baby girl, you’ll be one of us someday and we’ll accept you however it is you show up.

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