In loving memory of the bonding experience with Livy (DD2) where we move 18 years worth of flotsam from her old bedroom to her new one across the hall (some of which was actual trash; “what era of your life is this trash even from?” “I don’t know” and of course she doesn’t because she’s too ashamed to tell me it’s been sitting there 8 years) and she’s on the ground sorting shit and trying not to get defensive while I’m standing and looking around like I’m Scarlett O’Hara in that Civil War scene with all the bodies she has to step over to get inside where legs are being sawed off for the gangrene. But the up side is that Livy sent me these memes (I couldn’t decide which was funnier) and I got a good laugh out of them because sometimes I think the line between laughing and crying is uncomfortably-thin and barely manageable but that really when you pull back and look at the big picture: is there anything better than a family who can come together and laugh over times spent sorting defensively through piles of old garbage?

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