USPS card left at my home saying my package was undeliverable because they couldn’t find my home

USPS: “Ma’am, we delivered the card to tell you where to pick up the package. That’s what that card is. We couldn’t find your house so we sent the package to the nearest post office and mailed you the card to let you know where to get it. That’s all that is.”

Me: “yes. right. Okay. I get that. But here’s the thing: you emailed my kid several times telling her you couldn’t find our house to deliver her glasses and I’m holding a card that says the package sent usps to my address was undeliverable even though the card saying the package was undeliverable was itself delivered to my house.”

USPS: “That does seem weird. I don’t know/Do you want your package?”

ME: [Unsure; very tempted to pick at this until one of us is crying. Long pause…] “Yes.”

[have package, start to walk out but suddenly realize it’s the hill I want to die on]

Me: “But do you AT LEAST see what I’m trying to say about how insane it is that I’m holding this card that you delivered to the house that you couldn’t find?”

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