To: “That” guy

In about five minutes I’m going into a house to try to help a kitty—Henry/Cheeks; a new family to me, an 8 yo recently-adopted rescue—feel safe.

Henry/Cheeks is a long-haired grey and white kitty who ended up at Best Friends Animal Society after having been found tied with rope around his waist that was cutting into his skin, having had lost all of his paw pads to hypothermia and with a BB under his skin, and yet two weeks into his new relationship with his mom, he is showing clear signs (not resisting when she pulls him out from where he’s hiding, purring constantly while on her lap, coming to “help” when she’s at her desk) that he feels safe and loves her for their new life together.

And I hope that I can duplicate the trust he has built with her so that way he can eventually expand his circle of support. But that is pending; we shall see.

What I really wanted to say is: if somehow the man or men (he’s scared of men so we assume the psychopath was male) who perpetrated this crime are scrolling through the Internet, unknowingly angry at the messed up shit they’ve endured: welcome to my website, I hope you’re getting the help that you need and if you’re not getting the help you need, no offense to your journey and stuff, but if our paths ever cross and you’re still “that” guy, I’m going to jump you in an alley and beat the fucking shit out of you.

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