Cheeky had a little catnip before playtime and the last face she makes here titled this video “That Friday night moment when your head flings back with rage and you scream at the couch, ‘Bitch, you did not just do that!’” I think we’ve all been there.


I just watched a video from my Instagram “posts you might like” which was four minutes of some blue eyed, 30 year old lifestyle hustler detailing the necessity of dermaplaning every six weeks with spot touchups done at home with special razors to prevent you from the scandal of baby fine facial hairs you can’t… Read More Hustling


I just bought some “miracle” hemp extract from the lady at Dancing Cranes who I hit it off with over lunch (hit it off=she complimented me on how young I look) and after handing her the cash, I asked how much to use and she responded “here, let me show you”, taking out her nearly-empty… Read More Excess


This is beautiful. In the article it says that this “fluid” would have negative mass—rather than being attracted to other mass, would be repelled by it—to where if we pushed on it, it would move towards us. I love that the universe is more than humanity could ever know. It makes me feel reverent in… Read More Fluid