I just bought some “miracle” hemp extract from the lady at Dancing Cranes who I hit it off with over lunch (hit it off=she complimented me on how young I look) and after handing her the cash, I asked how much to use and she responded “here, let me show you”, taking out her nearly-empty… Read More Excess


This is beautiful. In the article it says that this “fluid” would have negative mass—rather than being attracted to other mass, would be repelled by it—to where if we pushed on it, it would move towards us. I love that the universe is more than humanity could ever know. It makes me feel reverent in… Read More Fluid


I was just texting someone who has money,time, a good relationship, the wiggle room to reinvent herself after a solid career who’s selling her million dollar home so that her husband can take his dream job in Washington DC where they’re flying to this weekend to shop for a new house they can definitely afford,… Read More Shhh

Bananas for Jesus

When you’re on the grift in Provo with bananas and some kitchen staples. DD and friend bought this bread to support a women’s center; I don’t think anything feels more redemptive than knowing how holy this shitty bread is.