The Flow

The daughter who starred in this is now 21 and very responsible–employed and everything–so I think this 2016 Facebook post reflects her peak “stoner.” I can’t exactly remember but believe she did clean her car that day with “bleach and chemicals”—and thank god for that because how else would she even get cancer?—but it still… Read More The Flow


Just sitting in the parking lot of Whole Foods getting dictatorship updates via Twitter—since it’s the first time I’ve ever lived in a dictatorship and I want to be informed—and I had a nip slip while I was trying to get something out of my bra. And the nip slip was more like not really… Read More Holstered


Cheeky had a little catnip before playtime and the last face she makes here titled this video “That Friday night moment when your head flings back with rage and you scream at the couch, ‘Bitch, you did not just do that!’” I think we’ve all been there.