The scene is 2016, March 18th, Friday, early afternoon; my then-15 year old daughter and I are at the Bernie Sander's rally held at This is the Place State Park in Salt Lake City, the crowd of 14,000 snaking around as if forever, pedi-cabs (blasting Bob Marley) ferrying people from their distant cars under a … Continue reading America


I’m hiking with Oscar and Pica—two dogs I sit for—up Emigration Canyon on a deserted trail I’ve never known. And surrounding us is rustling from bushes and in my latent hesitation, the thoughts start whistling. Is the sound large or small? advancing or fleeing? Will this be that mountain lion up the canyon they warned … Continue reading Rustling


USPS card left at my home saying my package was undeliverable because they couldn’t find my home USPS: "Ma'am, we delivered the card to tell you where to pick up the package. That's what that card is. We couldn't find your house so we sent the package to the nearest post office and mailed you … Continue reading Undeliverable

Stolen coats

Stolen coat with checked lining doing all classy theft and stuff 10/2016 The yin and yang of two crappy coats zipped together 2/18/19 [2016] The first coat I "stole" this year: black, enormous, hideous, belonged to James; acquired when he mistakenly included it in the three bags of the girls' dirty laundry he dropped off … Continue reading Stolen coats