The Flow

The daughter who starred in this is now 21 and very responsible–employed and everything–so I think this 2016 Facebook post reflects her peak “stoner.” I can’t exactly remember but believe she did clean her car that day with “bleach and chemicals”—and thank god for that because how else would she even get cancer?—but it still ended up getting totaled last year anyways. At that point, needing another car to get to work, she used her savings to buy her dads car (he and I have been divorced a long time) and when the emergency brake started freezing in the winter, he told her “yeah. That does happen; I guess you’ll have to park it until the weather warms up.” *Cue looking around with furrowed brow saying ‘wtf?’

Also, disclaimer for the State of Utah law enforcement community: This post is tongue in cheek. She’s not actually a stoner and doesn’t blaze things. Plus if she’s going to go to jail for anything, it should be for sideswiping that cement barrier in the parking garage that time. Yes; it was her. However I think most importantly out of all of this is that I’m not saying her dad‘s a stoner for suggesting she skip out on her job for the winter because the car he sold her had some serious flaws. BUT if you read his suggestion to her about it and had the thought that maybe he was just such a stoner then I would reluctantly agree with you but am definitely not gonna tell you where he lives but also it’s up in Layton. Message me.