Uğur Gallenkuş

This photographers work is very powerful in that it helps me see past my own existence. Because it’s easy to fall into the trap of 24/7 self-care if you don’t see how big the problems are. From 9/2001 to 6/2017 (I didn’t research more current figures), the United States spent $250 million PER DAY (source: Newsweek) on war. $250 million a day, easily sold by the dealers of the Military Industrial Complex; no protests by Americans, none of us even knew; no biggie.

And when you look around at the hardship of these children, it’s obvious that all that money spent on war gave us the exact world that we paid for.

When the adults model peace, the children will too. Let’s be adults. Thank you.

(Here is his Instagram account https://instagram.com/ugurgallen?igshid=1vbiuiigkoerd)